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Sparkling water – Why you should use it

Carbonated water can be used as a fizzy face cleanser because of its effervescent advantages. Some spa in Korea and Japan are using carbonated mineral water to treat a sort of skin diseases. Carbonated water is very popular in many countries, because this water can be used in so many ways.[expand title=”Show more text”]

A lot of women are using mineral water in many different ways; some of them use this water to make homemade face masks or facial mists in time others woman are mixing this carbonated water into bath water.  There are many brands that are making beauty products using this kind of water.

Mineral water benefits:

Mineral water help the cells between collagen fibers to stay strong and this action is very beneficial for your skin because it firmness and hydrate your skin. This water also helps mechanically wash because it can wash out the pores without any harshness.

This treatment fits in all skin types; aestheticians recommend this water without any restriction.

How to use it:

You can use mineral water in a lot of ways. You can wash your face, your hair and you can even have a bath in mineral water.

Mineral water bath tip: Is very simple: Just one part normal water and the other part mineral water.

Mineral water face bath tip: If you want to wash your face with mineral water, you just have to soak a cotton pad into this water and gently clean your skin with it. Keep in mind that you can use this cleaning method everyday but even once or twice a week is enough to see some good effects on your skin.[/expand]

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