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Why You Should Urinate Under Your Shower – The best 4 reasons

It may sound weird for you, but actually is not as disgusting as it seems. Many people are using this pee method and they are very happy with its results. If you want to know why have to urinate under your shower, keep reading because the reasons are amazing and unbelievable.[expand title=”Show more text”]

After you fully read this article you will know four reasons why urine is actually good for you.

First reason:

The firs reason is very simple and logical. By urinating under your shower you will save the planet! This is because if you urinate under your shower you do not need to flush water in the toilet boil. In this way you will save up water, which is very important for this planet.

The second reason:

You probably may not know that urine is able to disinfect wounds. If you have scars or even scratches you can use your own urine to disinfect them. Your urine will clean the wound and reduce the pain.

The third reason:

The third reason is that your urine is able to treat fungal infections. Urine can help you to eliminate fungus by treating foot’s fungal infection. For this treatment, you just have to apply your urine on the affected area of your foot’s.

The least reason:

Your urine is very beneficial for your skin. You can treat a lot of skin disease like rashes and eczema using your own urine. Urine has the power to regulate your skin pH levels.  It also contains the same ingredients as some cosmetics contain, but when we talk about urine, we talk about natural ingredients not chemical ingredients.[/expand]

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